rolling pasta dough by hand

Rolling and cutting pasta

The taste of fresh home made pasta has nothing in common with the industrial one you buy in the supermarkets. Once you try it, you will never touch the industrial one.

The good news is that it takes just 15 min, to be ready for use. So try it now!

You can roll pasta dough by hand. If you intend to make pasta frequently, it may be worth buying a machine.

Look here for the pasta dough basic recipe and pasta with different flavors.

Divide 450 g dough into 4 pieces. Roll and cut one piece at a time. Keep the remaining dough tightly wrapped in cling film to prevent it from drying out while you work.

Here is how you can make the pasta:

  1. Put a piece of dough on a lightly floured surface and pat it into a flat disc. Using a long rolling pin, roll out the dough in all directions, starting from the center each time.
rolling pasta dough by hand

eating by design: rolling pasta dough by hand

  1. Continue rolling with long even even strokes, until you have a large sheet of dough that is about 1-2 mm thick.
  2. For stuffed pasta shapes, use the dough immediately, while it is still malleable. If cutting noodles, sprinkle the rolled out dough with flour and leave for 10-15 minutes.
  3. To cut, roll up the sheet of dough like a flat Swill roll. With a knife, cut across into noodles of required width: 3 mm for fettuccine, 5 mm for tagliatelle.
rolling pasta dough by hand

eating by design with Lunchbox: pasta dough and flavoring

4. Uncoil the noodles with your fingers and scatter them on a floured tea towel. Leave to dry for about 5 minutes before cooking. Or wrap in cling film and refrigerate for later cooking.

rolling pasta dough by hand

eating by design with Lunchbox: pasta dough and flavoring

5. To dry, leave them on the floured towel, or hang them over a broom handle, and dry for 2-3 hours. Sprinkle them with semolina to prevent them sticking together and pack loosely in a plastic bag or in a box with each layer separated.

Making pasta, using pasta machine

A pasta machine – hand-cranked or electric – takes all the drudgery out of making fresh pasta. You are able to roll the dough paper thin and to cut very fine noodles, such as tagliolini and tagliarini – impossible by hand.

The smooth rollers on a pasta machine can be set wide apart or very close together, normally with the use of a dial. You start at the widest setting to kneed the dough and then reduce the space gradually until the dough reaches the the right thickness. Then roller with blades cuts noodles, of the desired width.

  1. To knead dough, fatten a piece of the dough slightly and then feed it through the machine’s rollers on their widest settings.
  2. Fold the resulting strip of dough in half, and feed it through again. Continue folding the dough and feeding it through until smooth and elastic – 8-10 times. If it feels sticky, dust it with flour before continuing.
  3. rolling pasta dough with machine

    rolling pasta dough with machine

  4. To roll dough – adjust  the rollers to the next narrower setting and feed the strip of dough through again, without folding it. Narrow the rollers again and feed the strip of dough through. Continue feeding the dough through the rollers at increasingly narrow settings until it is the desired thickness. Sprinkle with flour and dry for 10-15 minutes.

To cut the noodles, set the blades on the machine to the desired width. Feed the strip of dough, through the blades, letting it fall on to a floured tea towel. Dry for about 5 minutes, before cooking. Or dry completely for longer storage.

rolling pasta dough with machine

rolling pasta dough with machine


  1. Drying out

It is important to leave the pasta dough to dry before cutting it into noodles or they will tend to stick together. If the day is humid, this initial drying can take up to 30 minutes.

  1. Keeping fresh pasta 

If fresh noodles are not to be cooked the day they are made, allow them to dry completely. Then wrap loosely and store at room temperature for up to 4 days.

rolling pasta dough with machine

rolling pasta dough with machine

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