Our mission and values



It is difficult to prepare a daily balanced and freshly cooked homemade food. This requires planning, imagination, time and knowledge. We hope that hectic parent will accept ideas , advice and our Lunchbox approach as a practical and useful way of tackling the task to build the right attitude and behavior of children to food and nutrition.

Family and parents need modern, workable and flexible approach. We look at this challenge. Our goal is to offer solutions to ever-busy parents , and provide understanding and practical wisdom, coupled with a flexible and easy to implement approach.

Lunchbox is the solution to bringing the right habits and food culture as part of a hectic modern lifestyle.



1. Know what you you eat and also what your child eats at school, too
2. You control control portion sizes and food quality.
3. You don’t measure and weigh food but still you are in harmony with the needs of the body
4. You educate your eating habits for life. You care and protect the environment

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“Together with the great Lunchbox team we are happy to handle a successful school program for teaching our kid on healthy eating and living fundamentals in our school. Thank you for you initiative, support and enthusiasm for making “Eat in balance for health in advance project” the most loved one by our students.”

Tatyana Dimitrova, First Private Mathematics School

“Most imprtant thing is that Lunchbox saves time, while “thinking” instead of me on what to put in the box for lunch. Products, proprtions. My little one will soon go to a kindergarden and I will be happy to wrap her lunch in a lunchbox as i do for myself.”