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Making and freezing ravioli

This is one of the best time-saving recipes in the world. Once wrapped in the freezer, you can always make a quick dinner, even your fridge is completely empty.

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light pastry dough

Let’s make the pastry dough lighter!

Light Butter Pastry Dough For most people pastry dough is one of the most fearsome tasks in cooking. All the talk of cutting in the butter just so, adding the exact amount of water, of needing just the right touch has fueled this fear. As it turned out in the process of manipulating pie dough […]

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coconut shrimps with spicy mango sauce

Peeling and deveining prawns

Peel and devein prawns because the vein may contain grit which makes unpleasant to eat.

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home-made breads

Homemade baked bread. Why?

Home-made bread is healthier, safer, with more fiber, less salt, no additives, and palm oil. In fact, home-made bread does not contain any additives, enhancers and flavors, and yet is much more delicious.

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Lunchbox Soups mix and match

Lunchbox soups: Mix and match

Our Mix and match soups are very easy to make. Use the chart and invent one of your own.

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13 cookinf tricks for good tempura

13 tricks for making good tempura for veggies and seafood

Tempura is a food we all like for its crispy light taste. Everyone can make it from ingredients each kitchen has in in stock. You can choose vegetables (like mushrooms, potato, aubergine, zucchini, onion, paprika, pumpkin, green beans, carrot, asparagus) and sea foods (prawn, white fish and squid) The difference between good and bad tempura […]

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rolling pasta dough by hand

Rolling and cutting pasta

The taste of fresh home made pasta has nothing in common with the industrial one you buy in the supermarkets. Once you try it, you will never touch the industrial one. The good news is that it takes just 15 min, to be ready for use. So try it now! You can roll pasta dough […]

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