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cucumber salad

Summer-spicy cucumber salad

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This pretty cucumber pickle is delicious served with seared salmon or chicken.

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Crispy pie with zucchini and cheese

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This is a loved and quick summer dinner, fresh and light - just for your eat-by-design-style.

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ANZAC (Australian, oatmeal cookies)

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The anzak biscuits will stray crispy for a week in an airtight container and though they will soften, still fresh for another week.

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mango salad dressing

Light and Fresh Mango Salad Dressing

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When life starts to feel routine we must try discovering new ways of doing things. This Mango Salad Dressing is an example of how we have done this in our...

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light pastry dough

Let’s make the pastry dough lighter!

Light Butter Pastry Dough For most people pastry dough is one of the most fearsome tasks in cooking. All the talk of cutting in the butter just so, adding the exact amount of water, of needing just the right touch has fueled this fear. As it turned out in the process of manipulating pie dough […]

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Portion control

How much food we eat? Portion sizes

In a balanced system when body needs to eat it will send cues and signals that the fuel tank is low and needs to be replenished. True hunger, not imbalanced cravings usually occur when there is no more food digesting in the stomach from the last meal and the body needs food to manufacture its fuel.

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coconut shrimps with spicy mango sauce

Peeling and deveining prawns

Peel and devein prawns because the vein may contain grit which makes unpleasant to eat.

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poached eggs

How to poach eggs in casserole and steam-oven

This method allows you to get your poached egg in your Lunchbox and brake it over your greens once ready to have your gourmet lunch.

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