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Lunchbox System
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Lunchbox Recipe: Polentа with spinach
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Lunchbox for wholesome food

Lunchbox® is an innovative, patented system for healthy eating, created to help you pack a balanced Lunchbox for school, work, travel, play or take out. With our lunchboxes you are aware of what your children and you are eating outside your home. Our lunchboxes are stylish, modern, extremely strong and durable, easy to clean in the dishwasher. Contain no phthalates, BPA, PVC or lead. They come with 2 years warranty, FDA quality certificate. With our lunchboxes you safe money every single day.

Lunchbox shop

Welcome to our shop!

Look at our lunchbox collection, containers, insulated bags, accessories and more.

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Easy recipes for busy families, and many “tricks” to save time.

In the recipes you will find inspiration for the preparation of delicious and quick meals, suitable for kids and adults.

Inspiration section is the place for Lunchbox initiatives and free resources.

lunchbox blog

Want to eat healthier. Need ideas on how to deal with picky child. Or maybe you want to control portion sizes.

Maybe you are interested in how to increase your activity and live a healthier.

See the section Lunchbox Blog Living section from the main menu .

Unique lids

Pack any food - both liquid and dry

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5 inner containers

Convenience, According to needs

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Portion control

Each food group has a container

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lunchbox with bag design

Sturdy and safe

No BPA, Phatates, PVC or lead, 2 years warranty

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Latest Blog Entries

Lunchbox Recipe: Polentа with spinach

Packing Lunch for school or work is a choice we make to live and eat...

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Lunchbox Recipe: Stuffed eggplants

Today's recipe is easy, healthy and light. Just for hot days to energize you with...

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Rayna М

My daughters use them every day at school and I’m relaxed that they eat healthy home-made meals. An extremely useful asset.


Elena P.

Super polite and cool Bulgarian team! I have wonderful impressions of the service. The box is also very comfortable.

26 June 2017


I can say that I finally decided on the problem of wearing food! There is no need to measure the food, they fit just as well, they do not splash, the case keeps the temperature and I really love them! :)

22 June 2017


We are extremely pleased with the choices we made for our child. The Lunchbox is comfortable, secure and has a great design. Our daughter is happy to go to school with her Lunchbox and we always choose together what to put up for the next day. Thanks!

26.09. 2016


There is no way to bring your food in better packaging! :)

26 June 2017


I confess that I quite reservedly approached the set, but to my surprise it turned out that the boxes exactly fit my portions! Besides, they enjoy the eye and enjoy their use! :)

22 June 2017


I am very pleased with all your products! Be healthy!
31 март 2017


Great!!! The boxes are lovely. They do a great job. The kit is quite expensive, but it’s worth the investment.



My son is so happy using this product!



The box is great :)



Unique opportunity to enjoy warm and fresh home-made soups! Recommend!

24.10. 2016


Allow me to eat variable fodds and at the same time with portions control. With my Lunchbox I never forget the most important thing in the lunch menu – the salad. I often get compliments that my lunch is like a first-class menu in an airplane :).