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Creamy Dill Sauce For Lunchbox

Creamy dill sauce for lunchbox

This Creamy Dill Sauce is made with sour cream so it’s light and refreshing, and loaded with lovely fresh dill and lemon flavors. It is quite suitable for dipping in your veggies sticks, bread, tortilla or dolloping on fish. Unlike many creamy sauces, Dill Sauce is not rich and heavy. It’s light and tangy so it goes really well with salmon and trout because they are both quite oily and rich.
We all needs super quick meals for busy weeks. This Creamy Dill Sauce takes minutes to make.

For this sauce you use can use yogurt instead of sour cream, in this case it will taste quite similar to tzatziki. We prefer to make this with sour cream because the texture is smoother.


  1. Served this also with some bread and a Zucchini Salad: Use a potato peeler to make long strips of zucchini and shave some Parmesan. Toss with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.
  2. You can thin the sauce with lemon juice / milk, and use it as a salad dressing too!
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