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C for Celery


When the streets are covered with carpets of leaves and chestnuts are being slammed in the park, on the streets and in the gardens, we know that it is time to change the seasons in the kitchen.

One of the products in the spotlight in autumn is the celery.

In ancient Greece was a symbol of victory, because in some races the winners received for a reward wreath of this vegetable.

In the Middle Ages, Celery became popular mainly as a medicine. It was believed to act as an aphrodisiac.

Celery relieves pain, reduces blood pressure, acts antirheumatic and drains.

The peeled celery darkens quickly. To keep the light and type there is a simple trick: spray it with lemon juice when you cut it. And when you boil it, put some lime juice or vinegar in the water.

How to use into a kitchen:

Soups and garnishes: add celery and the specific and aroma will make autumn soup, a wonderful experience.

Pan or bake. Serve with tomato sauce and you will have a great appetizer.

Make a mashed celery with butter instead of mashed potatoes. The celery puree is a great addition to roast meat.

Salad: Salad of grated celery, beets, carrots and turnips is a real vitamin bomb!

Celery rice with vegetables

Celery rice with vegetables and coconut

5 of 5 120 Minutes 2

Turn this "faceless vegetable" into a modern and delicious dish. Like most vegan dishes, it will give you freshness and pleasantly. Surprise yourself and family!

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Transforming Salad with celery and capers

Transforming Salad with celery and capers

5 of 5 2

Capers are an excellent and important part of this extremely tasty and interesting salad.

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Celery root, carrot and apple puree

Celery root, carrot and apple puree

5 of 5 30 Minutes 4

Cooking watery or fibrous root vegetables like celery, turnips, carrots, rutabagas and beets with little white rice ensures that they will be exceptionally creamy and with pure favor.

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Turkey Legs

Braised Crispy Turkey Legs

5 of 5 200 Minutes 4

The recipe is great for family Sunday lunch. If you have invited guests, increase the number of legs and calmly prepare delicious starters, because the meat will cook on the...

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French Green Lentil Soup

Green French Lentil Soup

5 of 5 40 Minutes 6

Green Lentil Soup recipe is a great choice for the day in the week for grain food. We love it that way but if you want you can add some...

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Meatballs in velouté sauce

Meatballs in rich, white Velouté sauce

5 of 5 60 Minutes 6

This simple recipe for Meatballs in rich, white Velouté sauce is in a great balance of flavors and is rich in tastes that satisfies the most fastidious connoisseur.

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Crеаmy Mushroom Soup

Quick and Easy Mushroom Cream Soup

5 of 5 20 Minutes 6

Kids love the intensely and the delicate texture of this Mushroom cream soup recipe. It's a classic.

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Osso Buco

Osso Buco in tomato sauce

5 of 5 90 Minutes 4

A classic Italian dish - tender veal shanks cooked in a tomato sauce! It is traditionally served with Risotto Milanese, but is also great over mashed potato or polenta. Gremolata...

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Eggplant salad

Zucchini and eggplant salad

5 of 5 5 Minutes 4

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Lunchbox Chicken Shaumra Stew

Rich chaurma chicken stew

5 of 5 30 Minutes 4

Easy and aromatic chicken stew with spicy and typical winter aromas is what we need in the cold days.

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Sea-bass fillets in a mustard sauce

5 of 5 12 Minutes

A low-calorie, versatile food, fish enjoys great ways of cooking and we should all eat it twice a week as part of a healthy diet.

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Roasted turkey

Baked turkey legs with Cajun flavors

5 of 5 240 Minutes

This Baked Turkey Legs recipe is a spectacular festive centerpiece packed full of Cajun flavors.

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Vegetable and pesto stuffed kohlrabi (vegan)

5 of 5 40 Minutes

Kohlrabi is one veggie that doesn't get nearly enough love. A relative of cabbage, it can be eaten raw, mashed, or even stuffed, like in this simple recipe.

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meat bites for Lunchbox

Homemade meat bites for Lunchbox

5 of 5 25 Minutes

As the school time is just to come, we again try to incorporate the lunchbox living on the go for the kids. As we all know lunchbox asks special meals....

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tomato sauce with leaks

Tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes

5 of 5

Nothing can compare to homemade tomato sauce. It gives freshness to each meal. Let us seize the season and enjoy it fully. This recipe is a basic one.

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Chicken soup with wild rice and porcini mushroom

Chicken Wild Rice Soup With Porcini Mushrooms

5 of 5 40 Minutes

Chicken Wild Rice Soup with Porcini Mushrooms is a wonderful winter soup we love a lot. It saves you time if you cook the chicken and wild rice and cut...

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Селски пай

Cottage Pie

5 of 5 30 Minutes

Stodgy dish of favorite children’s products. Energy booster for long and tough day with serious physical effort. Serve with a salad of summer tomatoes.

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