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Lunchbox Menu: Pie with saffron

Lunchbox Recipes I Goat cheese and figs

Lunchbox Menu: Pie with saffron

With lunchbox, you pack your food so you can enjoy taste and quality wherever you are. And as we know with tastes, we travel to different places and can imagine that we are in Morocco with this Moroccan saffron pie.

Lunch at work has always been a real challenge, because it is difficult to eat a varied and balanced food every day, which on top of that is delicious and even more so healthy.

Since it is not yet recommended to gather large groups in one place, lunch options become even more limited. One possible solution to this problem is bringing home-cooked food to the office.

It is wonderful when you can eat the food you like and at the same time save money. Not always worth the “fresh” prepared pasta, costing 10.50 BGN, when with delicious products and fresh spices you will quite calmly send it to the bottom of the leaderboard compared to the one cooked at home.

Lunchbox Menu: Pie with saffron

This spicy pie will take you to Morocco. Food can take out memories and carry us through the constraints of space. Lunch time is never enough. But if you prepare your meal from the previous day, then you will certainly save at least half an hour, in which you will be able to enjoy other small pleasures. It is like planning your weekend break with the money saved from the pub to the office.

  1. Spicy saffron pie
  2. Salad with figs and goat cheese
  3. Prunes
  4. Nuts

Happy Lunches on-the-go!

Кутия за храна за офиса


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