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Lunchbox Recipe: Polentа with spinach

Lunchbox Recipes

Lunchbox Recipe: Polentа with spinach

There is something fascinating about the fresh green and yellow colors that seem to be trying to keep summer in our hands.

Today’s menu is just like this – summer and freshness, with a look at autumn.

The Polenta:

This is one easy gluten free meal that you will make for 30 minutes total time. It can be served as side dish or as a main course. You can cook that recipe at any time of the year with minimum effort.

In this dish cornmeal replaces wheat – based pasta as the staple grain food.
You will need several simple products: polenta, mushrooms, milk, some butter, frozen spinach, ricotta.

Packed with veggies it is filling and taste delicious.Cooked polenta is layered between layers of spinach and mushrooms.

Mushrooms+Spinch=Perfect match

We use this combination in so many recipes: Risotto, Empanadas, Pasta.

The salad:

Melon salad with mint and Mozzarella

A summer salad the combines freshness and sweetness to give you a surprisingly delicious experience.

The salad is simple and easy to prepare wit seasonal products like melon, garden green salad, lemon, mint, and Mozzarella for filling.

The beauty of this quick salad is that you can make it for dinner and store a serving for your Lunchbox in the fridge. The salad keeps its freshness and will be a perfect serving for your office or school lunch on-the go.

We like combining sweet and salty tastes. What makes the transformation here is the mint and lemon flavors. They just make the salad – a perfect one.


Lunchbox Recipe: Polentа with spinach

  1. Polenta with spinach
  2. Salad with melon and mozzarella
  3. Tomatoes and cucumber
  4. Prunes

Happy Lunches on-the-go!

Lunchbox Recipes


в света на Lunchbox!

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