Rice Rolls With Shrimps and Mint

Rice Paper Rolls With Shrimps and Mint are packed with bright, fresh flavors and so….friendly for a light Lunchbox menu. With a tricks and step by step photos, you’ll be rolling perfect rice paper rolls like a pro in no time!


  1. Until you get your rolling technique, wrap the filling up in lettuce before rolling it in the rice paper. This holds the “stuff” together which makes it so much easier to roll the rice paper and it will also prevent things like bean sprouts, carrots, cucumber etc from piercing the rice paper;
  2. Use two rice paper sheets – while you are an up-and-coming Rice Paper Roll Master. It is much easier to handle when rolling.
  3. The reason the prawns and lettuce bundle are laid out in different positions on the rice paper is so there is only layer of rice paper on the prawns once rolled up – makes the prawns more visible.
  4. Tahini sauce is everything!! This is a dip of 2 key ingredients – tahini and lemon, which is thinned out with either milk or water (We prefer milk for colour.). Plus garlic and a touch of chilli if you want


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