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5 ways to make lunch break energizing!

Office Lunch

5 ways to make lunch break energizing!

Office Lunch break? Unfortunately, a small percentage of workers make full use of their lunch break. Surveys around the world show that only one in five people take advantage of lunch time to get away from their desk and take a short walk. Most workers just eat at their desks and never leave the office until it’s time to go home.
Full schedule of appointments and tight deadlines make it seem impossible to take your lunch break. But if you want to increase your productivity and efficiency, you need to make it a priority and get the best out of your lunch time in the office.

Most people stay in the office, order food and keep working while waiting for delivery. They eat quickly (often not very good food) and then continue to work.

Taking a short break after a busy morning is probably one of the most important decisions you can make for the day.

Here are some things you can do to refresh your mind, body and soul to have a more effective afternoon:

Office lunch

Eat better!

Bring food from home. It’s easy by setting aside a portion of dinner. Without effort, you will have lunch for the next day. Even if you haven’t cooked, you can always take a handful of salad, 2 boiled eggs, a slice of wholemeal bread and seasonal fruit. Your lunch is controlled, complete and with food that is good for you. You can eat your lunch outside on a park bench and give yourself 30 minutes in nature.

What’s more, you will move!

Office lunch

Have a walk

It may seem like a paradox (and the last thing you want to do), but a quick walk is the best way to recharge your energy. Get out of the workplace and take a walk in the fresh air, without unnecessary noise and noisy colleagues: you will increase your blood circulation and increase the flow of oxygen to every cell in your body. This will give you extra energy and concentration.

A short and intense walk at lunch break will make you feel more enthusiastic, less tired and less stressed about your work in the afternoon. Try doing it for 1 week and see the difference.

Office lunch

Meet friends

If you have a friend (s) who works nearby, try to meet from time to time at lunch. Your personal life needs care as much as your working life, so use that time. Your lunch break is a good opportunity for face-to-face social contacts. You will have a nice and smiling lunch and you will feel really good.

This is the best medicine for a clear and focused mind. Time to retreat, have a good time and come back.

Office lunch

Personal things

Do some personal things: go to the bank or grocery store. Take a practical approach and use your lunch break to fulfill some of these personal commitments that usually make you run and hurry in the evening after work. Don’t burden yourself with too many tasks. This will only replace one stress with another type of stress.

Try to ease the constant running after working with things you can do at lunch break. This will give you more time to relax in the evening.

Office lunch

Your professional network

Even if you are completely happy in your work and not looking for a new one, you should not stop building and maintaining your network of contacts. What do you gain if you have lunch with your colleagues every day and share the ordered food and limit your contacts ?!

Finding time to maintain your contacts is crucial to the success of your work. Finding this time is often a difficult task. Lunch break is a great time of day to use to either maintain or expand contacts. Time for lunch outside (and why not in a nearby park or city garden) or for a short phone call while eating out of the office.

lunch break

Your time

Easy and beautiful. You have a park or garden near your office.

This is a great time to give yourself. Time to indulge in your own thoughts, clear your head and take a deep breath. Time to recharge.

Office lunch

Do not be a superhero!

Don’t be a superhero by sticking to the desk for 8 hours to build a workaholic image and mark the next task as done on the list that will never end.

It doesn’t matter if you are resting or not. You will pay for this after 15.00, when your concentration and efficiency will have dropped significantly. You will feel exhausted and dissatisfied. You may even want to take some of the work home.

Your company has given you time for a lunch break for some reason. You have to take full advantage of it. It is yours and no one should take it from you, not even you. A precious moment of the day. Don’t waste it! What are you waiting for. Grab your Lunchbox and walk it in the park next to your office.

Bon App!

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