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Hummus with carrots and white beans

Hummus with carrots and white beans

Bean foods are an important part of any diet. Source of protein and priceless fibers. Add steamed carrots and spices, and you will get a gentle structure with fresh taste.

The recipe we offer today has no added fat, so use a high-quality tahini. And for a lighter texture, add water, not oil.


If you cook beans for a stew, set aside 250 gr. beans or use a tin like, if you do not have time.

All you need are carrots, boiled white beans, tahini, garlic and lemon juice.

The humus is great for breakfast on a slice of bread. Beans consumed with bread are true and wholesome food. It is also excellent for an afternoon snack with a celery stick, pickles, and carrots or whatever you find handy.

It’s a favorite way to smear it on a tortilla. Add vegetables, wrap and you are ready with a great lunch for your Lunchbox. A lunch to keep you full for a long time.

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Beetroot Dip
Beetroot Dip
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