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Lunchbox menu: Vegan tortilla


Lunchbox menu: Vegan tortilla

Proteins: Did you know that 30 g. Protein = 30 gr. Fish, meat = 1/4, 5 tsp. cooked beans = 1 egg = 1 spoon peanut butter = 15 gr. nuts or seeds.
There are 4 unique sources of proteins that deserve our attention and respect:
1. 100 g. SOYA BEAN – 35 g. Protein
2. 100 g. LENTILS – 25 Gr. Protein
3. 100 g. CHICKPEAS – 19gr. Protein
4. 100 g. BEANS – 21 Gr. Protein
They are the food of vegetarians because: 1) include all the necessary proteins, are 2) poor in saturated fat and are 3) a valuable source of: fibers, unsaturated, essential fatty acids, vitamins (K, B1, B6 and В9), antioxidants, mineral salts (phosphorus, magnesium, Trace elements (iron, copper, zinc, selenium).
Soya carries 8 essential amino acids that are not synthesized in the human body. Rich in proteins, the remaining carry essential amino acids with a strong presence of lysine and low in methionine. Cereals and nuts are a compliment that complements with their richness of methionine and the poverty of lysine. This explains why dry beans are combined with cereals and oilseeds.

Lunchbox menu: Vegan

Make hummus from beans and carrots, add a pepper or a vegetable by choice, wrap in the tortilla. Boil quinoa and enrich it with vegetables, put a handful of fruits for dessert and you’ll have a sumptuous lunch in your favorite Lunchbox food box:
1. Tortilla with Bean hummus
2. Salad with quinoa
3. Fruit
4. Milk by choice



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